Special Events
As an organization, we are always looking for new and creative ways to help raise awareness and funds for our programs and services. It is through these events that we attempt to use them on a larger scale to identify how the organization as a whole can grow and meet the demands of the community. Proceeds raised through these events are dedicated to our programs so that we can fully host the workshops and clinics.

Project Love Me 'Launch Event' – September 6, 2012

This invitation-only affair helped raise money for the organization's kick-off year. We are excited to make an impact in the Los Angeles - South Bay Area community! Attendees were given an opportunity to learn more about the organization, meet our team and get involved. Those in attendance were treated to hors d'oeuvres, wine, music and a silent auction.

To see photos from this event CLICK HERE.

Inaugural 'Girls Night Out!' Event – Spring, 2014
We believe in the power of women! The true bond of girlfriends is a source of strength, nurture, and inspiration that Project Love Me appreciates and wants to celebrate. What better way to celebrate the power of women, than through a social experience that aims to empower and reward women to socialize and experience with their girlfriends. At the PLM Girls Night Out event, women of all ages will come together to discover unique designers, sip luscious drinks, receive some well deserved pampering and eat delectable hors d'oeuvres. It is our hope that this event will bring women together to connect, contribute and discover for many years to come. Check back soon for details.

Inaugural 'Spin for Love' Fundraising Event – Fall, 2014
The Project Love Me's Spin for Love is an indoor cycling fundraising event that is a total of four continuous, one hour classes set to an exhilarating blend of energizing music and high energy motivating instructors. Participants can spin individually and cycle for the entire four hours, or form a team to take turns cycling. The event will feature team photos, complimentary massages, stretching and complimentary food and refreshing beverages. Check back soon for details.

Sports Clinics
PLM will offer an array of sports clinics designed for the novice to the advanced player who wants to focus on sport specific strategies and skills. The clinics are designed to expose the girls to the sport, but offer the ability for both the recreational and competitive student to progress through the instruction at their own pace. These programs provide a place for the girls to learn about and be exposed to specific sports, while developing the athletic skills necessary to play the sport. As the girls progress through each clinic and try new sports, they will learn about good sportsmanship, teamwork, and the value of fair play. The goal of the clinics is to provide an experience that will assist the girls in maximizing her potential on and off the court, through a stronger sense of identity, greater self-confidence, and a healthier body image. Each clinic will host 180 girls ranging from the ages of 9 to 16. Participants will be divided into age-appropriate groups. All equipment is provided. Each participant will receive lunch, a t-shirt and a gift bag.

Summer of 2013 – During the summer of our kick-off year we will introduce the community to our sports clinics by showcasing one clinic concentrating on the sport of Dance.

To find out about our next clinic, CLICK HERE

Summer of 2014 – We will debut our full sports clinic program through an application process which will be open to 180 girls.

Self-Esteem Workshops
Project Love Me designed the self-esteem workshop program to foster positive self-esteem among girls, ages 9 to 16. The program aims to address the challenges girls face in their daily lives, in addition to helping girls build a strong sense of self, develop healthy relationships and take care of their bodies and minds. The exercises are simple yet meaningful which lead them to understand and build their self-confidence. The goal of the workshops is to provide girls with opportunities to understand what self-esteem is and then work to develop and strengthen it. Along the way, the exercises will help girls find their voice, challenge themselves, make friends, and have fun.

If your organization is interested in scheduling a workshop for your girls, fill out the contact form and we will contact you within 5 business days.