Project Love Me is a nonprofit organization for girls, ages 9 to 16, focused on utilizing sport as a catalyst for developing positive self-esteem. Through workshops, mentorship and sports clinics, girls develop a stronger sense of identity, greater self-confidence, and a healthier body image. LEARN MORE

Project Love Me 'Girls Night Out'
Spring 2014

We believe in the power of women! What better way to celebrate the power of women than through a social experience that aims to empower and reward them. LEARN MORE

Project Love Me 'Spin for Love'
Fall 2014

Every bike makes a difference! Join PLM for it's inaugural 'Spin for Love' fundraiser. Spin for Love is a high energy, indoor team cycling event.


Are you someone with a passion for sports and a giving heart who wants to help a young girl find her voice? Your support of PLM is an investment into a young girls' future! LEARN MORE



Studies show that as girls' transition from elementary school to high school, their self-esteem drops significantly. Playing sports allows girls to have a presence and a voice:

  • 83% of very active girls say that physical activity makes them feel
    good about themselves. LEARN MORE